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Online Consultation

It is possible for us to work together wherever you are. Whether you live abroad, travel a lot, or even are too busy to get to my clinic, my online app is here to help you get fast results.

- Initial Consultation (90 minutes)

More like a first encounter, your first consultation involves getting to know you better. We'll have a long discussion on your habits, the kind of life you lead, your job, your personality, moving on to your medical history and usual eating patterns. Together, we will set realistic health and nutrition goals and establish how I can support you in achieving them.

- Follow-Up Consultation (30 minutes)

Once you're on the road to a healthier lifestyle, the follow-up consultations are for us to track your progress and continue empowering your journey. Think of it as touching base. Together we'll discuss your food record and I'll give you guidance and tips on how to make your plan better for you by overcoming your encountered challenges.

Face-to-face Consultation

- Initial Consultation (90 minutes)

Our first meeting is an opportunity for me to get to know you well and understand various aspects of your lifestyle so that we can set attainable health goals together. Besides learning more about your everyday life and personality, I will administer a body composition test analysis that will instantly assess your bodies constitution. Our discussion, paired with the test results will help us set sustainable and achievable goals and start your life-changing journey. You will leave with your personalized plan all set and ready to go!

- Follow-Up Consultation (30 minutes)

Following our first meeting, we will be having regular follow-up consultations that will drive your journey towards success. By looking at your food record and body composition test together, we will analyze your progress and make sure your are constantly on the right track. During these consultations, you can ask me anything and I will make sure to guide and assist you in overcoming your challenges.

- Indirect Calorimetry ( up to 30 min testing time)

Not losing weight? Maybe it’s your metabolism! Check your Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) using metabolic testing, which measures the rate at which your body burns calories and uses oxygen during rest to determine baseline caloric needs.
For more information about this test kindly contact us .