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Joe Rayes

I have tried different ways to lose weight and was followed by other nutritionists before, but always managed to gain the weight back. But now things are different. Rouba is someone who explains to you how to maintain a healthier life persistently and lose weight. She never misses an opportunity to share with you her impressing knowledge. She did not restrict my eating habits but instead taught me how to eat in a smarter/better way. Rouba also recommended a tailored gym workout along with a personalized diet. Thanks for the motivation and for your positive energy and support all along Rouba! Joe


I had an amazing experience with Rouba through online consultation. I was struggling to keep a heathy weight gain being pregnant and in quarantine. I was so luck to be coached by rouba online. It was so easy to transition into her plan as it was specific to my lifestyle and preferred food types. She was always available to advise and motivate. I would recommend her any day !

Happy mother of 2

I came to Rouba 4 months after my second baby delivery as I couldn’t lose my extra weight by myself even though I was breastfeeding (I’m convinced that breastfeeding makes you lose weight is a myth:)) She gave me the appropriate meal plan and taught me how to be disciplined while still eating enough food and NEVER feeling hungry. I never felt I was on diet and sometimes felt it was too much food. However, I lost all the excess weight from my 2 pregnancies and am now almost at my target weight in less than 2 months. A great transformation with great support from Rouba who is always accessible to answer any questions you have. I would highly recommend her without any doubt! :)


I have struggled with all the wrong kinds of diets for a long time (Dukan, Keto...) and found myself always gaining back all the weight lost. I came to Rouba with one simple request: I want to eat with my husband and kid, and not have to prepare different meals.. basically just be able to share meals with my family and friends. And now, I’m almost 5kg down in one month, without being on a restrictive diet. Rouba helped me get back to a normal life, while focusing on quality food and portion control. Never felt better!


As Rouba said when I initially met her: “you do your part and follow the instructions, I’ll do my part and ensure you lose weight”. And she did deliver as promised!!! Caring, professional, knowledgeable and friendly, a must go address for all those wanting to shed the extra weight.

Mariam AS

I started my plan with Rouba 1 year after my second baby. Her plan helped me loose the baby weight without feeling like I was on a diet and having enough energy to go through my day ! I lost my baby weight in less than 3 months. Would highly recommend her

Lina G.H

I am a 47 years old woman . I have been diagnosed with diabetes type 1 , 18 years ago, I have been struggling to keep my HbA1c , (which is an important indicator for blood sugar level )within normal limits , but in vain . Moreover , during the quarantine I have gained some weight which made me very depressed . I went to Rouba , 4 months ago with a very bad blood sugar level where my Hb1c was almost 9 . She taught me how to eat healthy, how my body process food as a diabetic patient, how to regulate my insulin intake and how to benefit from all nutritions Now , and after her thorough follow up , I have hit my perfect body weight , and most importantly my blood sugar reserves dropped to 6 , which is the sugar level of a normal person I am so happy, feeling healthy and fit at the same time . Thank you Rouba for all your efforts, follow up and great advices .

Tatiana Haddad

It all started when I had tried all possible ways to lose all the weight I gained in a relatively short period of time, and decided to seek professional assistance to help me overcome all the psychological barriers that accompanied my sudden body changes. Fate - I believe - played a pivotal role when, days later, I found myself getting in touch with Rouba, whom I randomly selected from the Instagram feed and started to admire her professionalism even before going to my first appointment. I started, failed, started all over again, then failed again. Rouba was here all the way, through it all, to teach me the genuine meaning of perseverance and willpower. Together, we believed that this roller-coaster would soon pave the way for an anticipated successful loss and that was only a temporary setback from which hundreds of lessons were derived. Together, we never stopped exerting any possible efforts to make me feel better in my own skin with every passing day. Twenty-five kilograms less later, I want to thank you, Rouba, for your continuous empathy, patience, care, and love you never refrained from sharing. Thank you for teaching me that we always have a choice. All of us. And above all, thank you for believing in me at a time when I even stopped believing in my own self.

Rousol Altamimi

These days, we’re bombarded with health coaches and nutritionists on social media. Just in the past 3 years, I’ve worked with at least 5 of them because I wanted to fix my constipation and lose a few kilos. Nothing helped. I’ve been working with Rouba for just 3 weeks, and I already feel a huge difference. I have a lot more energy, I’ve dropped the weight, and my constipation is getting better. All that without needing to sacrifice my social outings or delicious meals. There’s something to be said for dieticians like Rouba who’ve been medically trained (but also integrate holistic techniques like breathing and don’t give you supplements unless you really need it). Seeing my results so quickly and in a way that’s sustainable makes me believe in science. Rouba is the best to work with and she’s so responsive. It’s the best decision I’ve made.

Fatma Albehbehani

Its not a diet id call it a lifestyle . Rouba helps me to find my balance . Beside loosing my weight i also feel more energetic and light . This is a transformation for me where is start focusing on my wellness and health

Tylia Helou

Rouba has tremendously helped me in controlling my portions and in making a conscious effort to live a healthy lifestyle. I strongly recommend that you consult her if you want long-lasting results. Her patience, kindness and dedication are the key factors of her success.

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